About Death
Anyone who knows death, lives in a different way
About Death

This site is not aimed at any particular religion.

The intention of this website

This site has been especially created to make death open to discussion. 

Reflecting, reading, doing exercises and answering questions about (a person’s own) death and about a life after death, all of this is possible on this website.

The origin of this website

There is more after death. That had always been my conviction. Two personal mystical experiences however, reinforced even more what I knew in my heart of hearts about life after this earthly life. To expand my knowledge about death and an afterlife, I studied thanatologie (teaching of death).

For many years I have been working as bereavement counselor and have noticed that people (also social/relief workers) have difficulty talking about (their own) death. Considering the possibility of a life after death is unusual.

Our thoughts and feelings about death determine how we perceive death. If we think that death will be a painful experience, we would rather hide these thoughts. With it, death remains an inevitable event, which we are desperately trying to postpone. Until we no longer can!

Every single person will be confronted with death. Some sooner than others, but ultimately there is no escape from it.

Everyone dies, but no one is dead (Tibetan saying)