About death
Anyone who knows death, lives in a different way
After Death

Every culture or religion has stories about what happens to you after death.

The place you go to has many different names and meanings. Next follows a (incomplete) summary in strictly random order.

Heaven A place for everyone who has lead a good life.

Hell A place for everyone who has lead an awful life.

Afterlife Another name for heaven.

Samsara (the wheel of regeneration) Reincarnation. Life-death-life-death-life-death etc.

Purgatory Cleansing of sins, this does not last eternally.

The Bardo (the transition stage) Stage between death and a new life on earth.

The tunnel A dark tunnel with a glorious light in the middle, which you are drawn to when you are released from your physical body.

The colours Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are the colours that indicate the transition from earth to the realms. They are part of the tunnel.

The light The end of the tunnel.

Darkness Before you reach the light. Those who do not believe in a life after death can linger here for some time.

Nothing A place where people who do not believe in a life after death go to.

The realms Residence for everyone after death. Dependent on how much their spiritual growth has been during their life one of the realms will be entered. There are 7 (dark) lower realms and 7 (light) higher realms. It is possible to travel to a lower realm, but without help one cannot travel to a higher realm. All beings not on earth or anywhere else live in the realms.

Earth Some people who do not expect a life after death remain connected to earth. They can’t manage to let go on their own. They are aware however that nobody notices them.

Twilight The place between the 7 darker and the 7 lighter realms. Twilight exists of 3 parts.


However, whatever there is …. you will take yourself along!

Yourself exists of:

soul, character, expectations, desires, fears, disappointments, emotions, desires, dislikes, likes, etc.

For whoever thinks: DEAD IS DEAD ….

If it turns out that something does exist after dying don’t be alarmed. Look around you and go towards the light. At that moment you will have to let go of everything!

If you see images (scary to you) (fire, frightening creatures, darkness, mist, colours) don’t be distracted by them (you are making all of them up YOURSELF), but go in search of the light.