About Death
Anyone who knows death, lives in a different way
Books About Death

(in alphabetical order of titles)

After death : mapping the journey. - Sukie Miller, New York : Simon & Schuster, 1997

A matter of life & death – Rosemary Altea, New York : Tharcher/Penguin 2007

At peace in the light.- D. Brinkley & Paul Perry San Francisco : Harper, cop. 1994

Between death and life. - D. Cannon Huntsville, AZ : Ozark Mountain, 2003.

Beyond the light : what isn't being said about near-death experience. - P. Atwater, Secaucus, NJ

Commune with the angels : a heavenly handbook. - J. Howard, Virginia Beach : A.R.E. Press, 1992. - 1e dr.

Death is of vital importance. - E. Kubler-Ross, Barrytown, NY : Station Hill Press, cop. 1995

Dying well – R. Reoch, London : Gaia Books

Embraced by the light. - Betty J. Eadie , Placerville, CA : Gold Leaf Press, cop. 1992

Facing death and finding hope. - C. Longaker, New York : Doubleday, 1997

Healing yourself with light : how to connect with the angelic healers. - L. Huffines, Tiburon : Kramer, 1995

Home with God - Neale D. Walsch, New York : Atria Books, 2006

Lessons from the light : what we can learn from the near-death experience. - K. Ring/E. Elsaesser Valarino, New York [etc.] : Insight Books, cop. 1998      

Life after death – Ian Wilson, London Macmillan 1997

Life after loss. - R.A. Moody/D. Arcangel, Cop. 2000

Life beyond death - D. Fontana, London Watkins 2009

Making friends with death: a buddhist guide to encountering mortality, Judith L. Lief, Shambhala Publications, Boston 2001

On the death of my son : an account of life after death. - Jasper Swain, London : Turnstone Press, 1974

Saved by the light. - D. Brinkley, New York : Villard Books, 1994

The eagle and the rose. - Rosemary Altea, New York : Warner Books, 1995

The illustrated Tibetan book of the dead. - S. Hodge/M. Boord, London : Thorsons, cop. 1999

The light beyond. - R. Moody, New York : Bantam Books, 1988

The magic invisible. - S. King, D Addington : The Seekers Trust, cop. 1982

The magic road. - S. King, D Addington : The Seekers Trust, cop. 1982

The teachings of Dr. Lascelles. - C. Simpson, Addington : The Seekers Trust

The Tibetan book of the dead : the great liberation through hearing in the bardo. - S. Rinpoche, Boston [etc.] : Shambala, 1987

Walking with Angels : White Eagle Publishing Trust, Liss, Hampshire, England 1998

What to do when you are dead : living better in afterlife. – C. Hamilton-Parker, New York : Sterling, cop. 2002