About Death
Anyone who knows death, lives in a different way
Feelings About Death

In succession the following feelings are reviewed: Fear, Sadness, Powerlessness, Anger and Guilt.


Fear about death occurs out of ignorance. What comes after death? Does it hurt? Will I be left all alone?

Insecurity about what happens after death too is a cause for fear.


Sadness about death arises because of the inevitable farewell it brings. The feeling of never being able to share anything with the other again. Being left behind alone.


If you feel like there is nothing you can do/could have done for the other you feel powerless.


Why does the other desert you by dying?


Is there anything more I could have done? Why didn’t I do that? What could I have done? If I had done this or that, then … would not have died?!

Do you recognise (one of) these feelings?

See: Exercises where you will find tips and exercises to do something with these feelings right now.