About Death
Anyone who knows death, lives in a different way
Questionnaire About Death

Look at the following statements and give your honest reaction to the questions. There are no right or wrong answers. By pondering over your reactions and answers you will get in touch with your own awareness.

A. Read all the statements first.

B. Read all the statements again. Make a note of the statement/statements that have the most significance to you and grade them. The statement that is most significant gets the highest grade.

C. Then answer the questions.


General statements about the hereafter.

1. In the hereafter I will probably embark on some kind of journey.

2. In the hereafter time probably doesn’t exist.

3. The hereafter probably has a purpose.

4. I will probably make a personal transformation in the hereafter.

5. The hereafter intends for you to return to life.

6. The hereafter begins as a place to rest or wait.

7. The hereafter is probably a place.

8. I will probably be shown my entire life in the hereafter.

9. I will probably experience light in the hereafter.

10. I will probably experience pain in the hereafter.

11. I will probably experience terror.

12. I will not be judged in the hereafter.

13. I will probably learn important lessons in the hereafter.

14. I will probably have to deal with suffering in the hereafter.

15. I will probably be damned in the hereafter.

16. I will probably have to do penance in the hereafter.

17. I will probably experience happiness in the hereafter.

18. In the hereafter I will be judged according to my life as it is shown to me in experiences.

19. I will probably be supported by a guide in the hereafter.

20. I will probably acquire certain insights in the hereafter.

From: After death : mapping the journey. - New York : Simon & Schuster, 1997


Question 1:

What happens to you when you read these statements?

Question 2:

Which statement appeals to you most and why?

Question 3:

Which statement appeals to you least and why?

Question 4:

How does it feel to engage in thoughts about death?

Question 5:

How do you envisage death yourself?