About Death
Anyone who knows death, lives in a different way
Truth About Death

Everyone will go his or her own way. Everyone has his or her own truth.

On this website you will find my truth.

Death is leaving earth, maybe only for a short time.

Death is like taking off a coat. My body hides my true self. I am not my body; I am free.

Death takes you to your true self, your soul or the etheric body that has a higher vibration than your physical body.

Death brings you home.

Death is the change into a different dimension/world.

Death lets life continue.

Death is an illusion; there is only life in many different forms.

Death is a kind of change.

Death always comes at the right time. That is why one-person lives and another person dies after/from one and the same event.

My view to life and death

As a spiritual being I live on earth to learn the lessons and fulfil the obligations I have chosen and/or have been given. Every day I choose how to learn my lessons and how I live. Death makes sure I return to where I came from. I live here now and later I will live there. What I do, think and feel now influences what I will do, think and feel then.

The purpose of life on earth is to master all-embracing, unconditional LOVE, for oneself and others.

I have 4 bodies. A physical (mortal, earthly) body, a spiritual body, an emotional body (the latter two together make up the soul and the personality) and an auric body (also called etheric body).

When I die I lay down my physical body to then continue in the spiritual and emotional body to return to the auric body.

What is your truth?

We all have our own truth about death. What would happen to you if my truth has a nucleus of truth?